We are looking for dynamic individuals with a passion for leading edge technical computing and Model-Based Design technology to join our team. Successful applicants will be able to work in small, focused teams of highly motivated and passionate individuals.

“Opti-Num have introduced me into a multi-faceted world where I am able to expand my knowledge while challenging myself to reach personal and professional goals.” – Dean Kennedy, Consultant

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“Working at Opti-Num has been a multifaceted experience where one is engaging with clients while learning advanced programming skills from in-house training courses and applying these on a day to day basis.” – Mpho Mafune, Consultant

“When I started working at Opti-Num in 2014, I had great hopes for doing more mathematical problem solving, and for working on projects that made a difference. Since then, the work I’ve done has exceeded my expectations in every way.” Kirsten Smith, Application Engineering Manager

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