“At the Wits School of Geosciences, I use MATLAB to teach programming concepts to our students. Often, this is their first introduction to computational physics and MATLAB is a great platform for getting the fundamental skills across to them with a tool that can deeply support their studies. They find that with MATLAB, you can apply statistical analysis using programming techniques to a range of different types of geophysical and geological data. I’ve also introduced a number of other researchers to MATLAB; one example being the use of time-series analysis with the Wavelet Toolbox. These researchers have been from many fields, from Nuclear Physics to Seismic Attribute analysis. The MATLAB toolboxes make signal processing (and wavelet analysis) easy to implement and allow the researchers to dive deeper into their research problems. An example of how I’ve used these features (Comparing Time Series using Semblance Analysis) is available on the MathWorks File Exchange.”

Prof. Gordon Cooper

School of Geosciences

University of Witwatersrand