MATLAB Programming Techniques

This two-day course provides hands-on experience using the features in the MATLAB® language to write efficient, robust, and well-organised code. These concepts form the foundation for writing full applications, developing algorithms, and extending built-in MATLAB capabilities. Details of performance optimisation, as well as tools for writing, debugging, and profiling code are covered.

Topics include:

  • Utilising development tools
  • Verifying application behavior
  • Creating robust applications
  • Structuring code
  • Structuring data
  • Managing data efficiently
  • Creating a toolbox

Prerequisite: You must have attended MATLAB for Financial Applications or MATLAB Fundamentals courses.

Download the course outline

“MATLAB Programming Techniques is a valuable course that is useful for novices and experienced users alike. As one of the latter, I found immense value in refreshing my understanding of the various types of functions and data types now offered by MATLAB. I can now immediately apply these concepts in my daily MATLAB coding” – Eshwar Andhavarapu, Profit Modelling Manager at African Bank.