Training Terms and Conditions

Opti-Num Solutions reserves the right to change/add to the training terms and conditions at any time

 Training Course Options

Private Training

Private Training courses may be purchased on a course-by-course basis by a company or institution. Pricing is independent of the number of attendees, up to a maximum of 10. For more than 10 attendees, please contact us to discuss your requirements and determine pricing.

For more complex training requirements, Opti-Num Solutions will collaborate with clients to build a learning path which accommodates the upskilling requirements of the individuals from that company or institution. A customisation fee may be levied for custom courses, including combinations of existing MathWorks course offerings.

Private Training will be hosted at Opti-Num Solutions’ offices in Hyde Park, Johannesburg, or at another venue of the Client’s choosing (typically the Client’s Premises). In the case where Opti-Num Solutions provides the venue, we will also provide computer resources, as well as tea, coffee and lunch. If clients wish to host training at any venue further than 60km from our offices, the cost of travel, subsistence and accommodation for the trainer(s) will be an addition to the training course cost. Any cost of venue hire for offsite training will be for the customer’s own account.

Coaching Assistance

Opti-Num Solutions can tailor our training content to meet your specific needs. We do this through our Application Assistance service, where we charge for our time at an hourly rate to meet certain learning outcomes or objectives. The main feature which differentiates coaching assistance from application assistance is that we will leverage our existing course content to take you through various concepts and workflows using the available MathWorks tools and resources.

Internal Training

Opti-Num Solutions hosts internal MathWorks Training courses to staff on a regular basis. In exceptional circumstances, individuals outside Opti-Num Solutions may attend such training if space is available, and if the time is suitable to the individual. Customers wishing to make use of this option must apply for a position on the waiting list for the course(s) you are interested in.


Courses hosted internally are chosen at the discretion of Opti-Num Solutions and delivered at Opti-Num Solutions offices in Hyde Park, Johannesburg. The schedule of training dates for these courses is not set for the benefit of the public, but for internal operational reasons. Opti-Num Solutions may choose to move the dates if necessary. Any internal course date change will be communicated with 7 days’ notice. Attendance to any one of these internal courses is subject to availability and is allocated on a first-come-first serve basis. An attendee’s place on an Internal Training course is only confirmed after payment.

Training Requirements and Policies

Purchasing Training Courses and Prepayment Requirements

  • Pricing is per course. Customers may send up to 10 delegates to each course at no extra cost.
  • For Private Training hosted in South Africa, customers are required to pay in full for the Training Course before the course commencement date. Opti-Num Solutions must receive proof of payment at least 14 days prior to the course commencement date.
  • For Private Training being hosted outside of South Africa, the Customer must provide proof of payment to Opti-Num Solutions at 3 weeks before the training commences. This provides sufficient time to manage travel and accommodation logistics.
  • For Internal Training, customers will only be confirmed on a particular internal training course once payment has been received. Payment must be received at least 5 days prior to the course commencement date.

Course Prerequisites

  • Each training course has one or more prerequisites. These prerequisites ensure that each attendee can derive maximum value from the training course and will not disrupt other training attendees due to lack of prerequisite knowledge or skills. These prerequisites must be met for the training attendee to participate in the course.
  • Any proposed attendees who are uncertain as to whether they are sufficiently prepared to be able to attend the course should contact Opti-Num Solutions and discuss their concerns with one of our course presenters prior to commencement of the course. Opti-Num Solutions Technical Staff will advise a course of action, whether this includes prior upskilling or non-attendance at a course.

Off-Site and Customer Premises Requirements

Training courses hosted away from Opti-Num Solutions are subject to the following requirements.

  • All attendees must bring their own devices, with the latest version of MATLAB installed.A
  • The venue must be allocated for the sole use of training for the full duration of the training.
  • The venue must provide a place for attendees to have lunch away from their normal seating.
  • The venue must have a data projector or adequately sized TV screen for projecting computer displays.
  • A white board, or flip chart stand with paper, and markers, must be provided for the trainer.

Confirmation of Dates and Attendance

  • Once a training course has been confirmed with the company or institution, a mutually beneficial training date will be agreed to.
  • It is the responsibility of the company or institution to confirm attendee names at least 5 working days prior to the course.
  • Opti-Num Solutions will deliver the course on the agreed upon dates to the confirmed attendees. No reimbursement will be applicable if some attendees miss any/all part(s) of the course.
  • Each attendee will receive a Training Course registration confirmation email with course name and dates at least 3 working days prior to the start of the course.
  • Dietary requirements must be specified at least 3 business days prior to the start of the course.

Course Attendee Benefits

Opti-Num agrees to provide the following for each attendee on a training course, regardless of location.

  • Lunch for all attendees and trainers. The lunch will be provided at Opti-Num’s discretion from a vendor of Opti-Num’s choosing.
  • Course handouts in the form of a bound soft cover book
  • USB memory stick containing course examples
  • When necessary, Opti-Num Solutions will provide an evaluation/trial license to trainees for the duration of the course and support with the installation. The client is responsible for ensuring that the installation of required software is completed, for all attendees, before the day on which the training course commences.

Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy

Cancellation by the Customer: Should a company or institution wish to cancel a course or postpone the training date to a later date, this must be done at least 7 working days prior to the start of the course. Cancellations and postponements made within 6 working days or less of the course commencement date will result in the Training Course being forfeited. No refunds will be given.

Cancellation by Opti-Num: Should a Private Training Course have to be cancelled by Opti-Num Solutions, the customer shall be entitled to a full refund, or to reschedule the training to a later date. Internal Course cancellation by Opti-Num shall require rescheduling as outlined below.

Private Course Rescheduling: A new mutually agreeable training date will be agreed to. Such date must be within one year of the payment date, otherwise the course will be forfeited. Opti-Num Solutions shall make every reasonable effort to accommodate a new training date.

Internal Course Rescheduling: Attendees will be offered a place on the next available internal training course. However, if no internal training courses are scheduled within one year of purchase, the cost of the training course for the attendee will be converted to the associated amount of Application Assistance hours (based on current rates). These application assistance hours will then be scheduled for a mutually convenient time, and the objectives of such session(s) will be mutually agreed upon between Opti-Num and the client.


Training Day Structure

NOTE: This is a general guideline and information for a specific course will be confirmed by Opti-Num Solutions.

We require that the trainees arrive at the venue at 8:00 for the training that starts at 8:30. A tea break will be provided during the morning session and a lunch break will be scheduled at midday. There will be another tea break during the afternoon session before the end of the day. In general, courses end at about 16:30, but this factor is dependent on the group of trainees’ abilities and the nature of the course.

Course Completion

Upon completion of a training course, each training attendee will receive a certificate of completion and any relevant collaterals available for the course. Training attendees must have attended the course in full in order to receive a certificate of completion. Should a training attendee miss any portion of the course for any reason, the attendee will not receive a certificate.

Attendees who arrive late for courses may be refused certification if significant portions of the coursework are missed.

Use of Notebooks/Laptops

Trainees may bring and use their own notebooks/laptops for the training hosted at Opti-Num Solutions. The trainee must inform Opti-Num Solutions that they would like to use their own notebook/laptop at least 7 working days prior to the scheduled training course. This will allow Opti-Num Solutions to make the necessary arrangements for the client’s computer to be used.

It is required that the latest MathWorks software be used for all training courses. Should the attendee not have access to this version of the software, an evaluation version will be provided for the duration of the course. Opti-Num Solutions must be made aware of the need for evaluation software 7 working days prior to the start of the course. It is the attendees’ responsibility to ensure that the software is installed and activated prior to arrival at the course. Opti-Num Solutions will provide the necessary technical support required.


We welcome each trainee’s feedback on our courses so that we can monitor the quality of our training services and continually improve on them. Please provide feedback in a constructive manner. If we do not currently offer training in an area that you are interested in, then please let us know. An Opti-Num Solutions representative will contact you for further information on your requirements.