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Training Terms and Conditions


Training Courses

Public Training

Public training is typically held at Opti-Num Solutions’ offices in Hyde Park, Johannesburg, but may be hosted by Opti-Num Solutions elsewhere in Southern Africa. Fundamental public training courses require 4 or more attendees in order for the course to take place. A maximum of 8 attendees can be accommodated per course. Intermediate and Advanced training courses require 2 or more attendees in order to take place. Should you wish to accommodate more attendees, please discuss this with your Business Development Consultant. Should a course not have sufficient attendees to proceed, attendees will be notified 6 working days prior to the start of the course. Attendees will be booked on the next available course and the expiration date of the Training Courses will be extended to one year from the start date of the cancelled course.

In the case of public training courses, Opti-Num Solutions will provide the venue and computer resources, course resources as well as teas and lunches.


On-Site Training

On-site training is training that takes place at the training attendees’ place of work, or is hosted by the attendees’ company. On-site training can be arranged for larger groups of attendees (typically 4 or more for fundamentals courses). A maximum of 8 attendees can be accommodated per course. Should you wish to accommodate more attendees, please discuss this with your Business Development Consultant. Additional costs associated with trainer(s) transport, subsistence and accommodation will be charged to the company requesting on-site training.

In the case of on-site training, the client will be required to provide a venue and computer resources, as well as teas and lunches. Where necessary Opti-Num Solutions will provide an evaluation license to trainees for the duration of the course.


Course Prerequisites

Each training course has certain prerequisites. The prerequisites for each course ensure that the training attendee is able to derive maximum value from the training course and does not prove disruptive to other training attendees. These prerequisites must be met in order for the training attendee to attend the course.

Any attendees who are uncertain as to whether they are sufficiently prepared to be able to attend the course should contact Opti-Num Solutions and discuss their concerns with an Applications Training Engineer.

Training Courses

Buying Training Courses

Opti-Num Solutions allows customers to purchase Training Courses per level (Fundamentals, Intermediate and Advanced) per duration. The Training Courses can be attended during the year without having to worry about budgetary and administrative issues.

One Training Course allows one person to attend training as per duration of the course, for example, one MATLAB Fundamentals training course will allow a customer to attend three days of MATLAB Fundamentals training. Attending a portion of a course is not permitted.

Customers are required to pay for their Training Courses in full before they will be permitted to attend. Customers must provide proof of payment to Opti-Num Solutions.

Training Course Discounts

When a company purchases a training course for 5 or more attendees, a discount of 10% is given. Training Courses discounts apply only to a single bulk Training Course purchase. If a client should buy additional Training Courses in a separate order the discount will be calculated based on the number of attendees for Training Courses bought at that time.

Redeeming Training Courses

Attendance to a course is booked by completing and signing a training booking document, which will be provided on request. Attendance must be confirmed at least 7 working days prior to the start of the course.

Expiration and Renewal of Training Courses

Training Courses are valid for one year from the date of issue. If a Training Course expires, it can be renewed by paying a Renewal Fee of 15% of the current value of the Training Course within 6 months after the expiry date of the training course. Failure to renew the training course within 6 months of the expiry of that course will result in the training course being forfeited.

Training Account Statement

A Training Account Statement can be emailed to specified employees of a company, allowing the customer to keep track of the Training Courses. Please speak to your Opti-Num Solutions Business Development Consultant regarding a Training Account Statement.

Training Course Attendance

General Training Day Structure

NOTE: This is a general guideline and information for a specific course should be requested from Opti-Num Solutions.

We require that the trainees arrive at the venue at 8:00 for the training that starts at 8:30. A tea break will be provided during the morning session and a lunch break will be scheduled at midday. There will be another tea break during the afternoon session before the end of the day. In general courses end at about 16:30, but this factor is dependent on the group of trainees’ ability and the nature of the course.

For public courses hosted by Opti-Num Solutions, food and refreshments will be provided. Dietary requirements must be specified at least 3 business days prior to the start of the course.

Course Completion

Upon completion of a training course, each training attendee will receive a certificate of completion and any relevant collateral available for the course. Training attendees must have attended the course in full in order to receive a certificate of completion. Should a training attendee miss any portion of the course for any reason, the attendee will not receive a certificate.

Cancellation Policy

Should a training attendee wish to cancel their attendance or postpone their attendance of a course to a later date, this must be done at least 7 working days prior to the start of the course. Cancellations and postponements made 6 working days, or less prior to the start of the course will resulted in the Training Course being forfeited. No refunds will be given.

Should a training attendee be unable to attend a portion of the course, they will need to reschedule their attendance of the full course to a later date. This must be done at least 7 working days prior to the commencement of the course, or the Training Course(s) will be forfeited.

Class Schedule Changes and Course Cancellations

It is occasionally necessary to change the dates on which a class is offered or to cancel a class. Registrants will be contacted at the earliest opportunity in the event of a scheduling change or cancellation. When Opti-Num Solutions cancels a course, the Training Course will be re-issued.

In such cases the re-issued Training Courses will be valid for 1 year from the date of re-issue.


Use of Notebooks/Laptops

Trainees may bring and use their own notebooks/laptops for the training hosted at Opti-Num Solutions, but will not be allowed network access. The trainee must inform Opti-Num Solutions that they would like to use a notebook/laptop at least 7 working days prior to the scheduled training course. This will allow Opti-Num Solutions to make the necessary arrangements for the computer to be used.

It is required that the latest MathWorks software be used for all training courses. Should the attendee not have access to this version of the software, an evaluation version will be provided for the duration of the course. Opti-Num Solutions must be made aware of the need for evaluation software 7 working days prior to the start of the course and the software must be installed and activated prior to arrival at the course


We welcome each trainee’s feedback on our courses so that we can monitor the quality of our training services and continually improve on them. Please provide feedback in a constructive manner. If we do not currently offer training in an area that you are interested in then please let us know. An Opti-Num Solutions representative may contact you for further information on your requirements.

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