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Tech Corner

16 Apr 2019

A little magic called LOGICAL INDEXING

In MATLAB; row, column and linear indexing use integer indices. While most MATLAB users are familiar with normal numerical indexing into vectors, matrices etc. MATLAB also provides a very efficient technique called logical indexing, where you use logical variables to index into data, extracting information that satisfies a condition. In this article, you will learn […]

27 Mar 2019

AI in Finance – Risk Management: Classifying Credit Card Default

AI For Risk Management: Classifying Credit Card Default

In this article, we explore machine learning models using MATLAB which aim to classify whether or not somebody will default on their credit card payment in the next 30 days. We develop models which are instinctive to understand and able to be quickly prototyped and improved. We provide a live script for you to get started immediately with model development.

05 Mar 2019

AI in Finance – FOREX: Algorithmic Trading

Learn how easy Machine Learning in MATLAB is for FOREX Algorithmic Trading. Read how supervised machine learning can be used to identify trading signals. Download the code and get started creating your own models right away.

14 Feb 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day! We heart MATLAB!

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Application Engineers Verushen and Boitumelo created our very own heart GIF using MATLAB. Find out how you can create your own.

08 Nov 2018

Dynamic System Modelling in MATLAB

How do you write code for a dynamic process making sure that all states are accurately retained for future time steps? Keeping track of states in a dynamic process is complicated as the outputs are determined by past states and the current input. This means that the code must keep track of past values and […]

22 Oct 2018

Radio Deployment on SoC Platforms

This 10-minute webinar uses MathWorks tools to showcase a method for a common design environment that allows engineers from different disciplines to collaborate effectively to streamline the design process. The common framework offered by Model-Based Design is an efficient design process that enables faster development and testing to bring products to market sooner.

04 Sep 2018

Industry 4.0 – Internet of Things and ThingSpeak

Industry 4.0 – Internet of Things and ThingSpeak   Internet of Things or “IoT” is becoming a popular buzz word these days. It is an emerging trend that describes a situation with embedded devices and sensors all connected to edge nodes, to upload sensed data to cloud storage resources. Data can be used in some […]

22 Aug 2018

Dot Product, A Riddle

Earlier this month we received an interesting technical query about the dot() function in MATLAB. Our peer from MathWorks, Paul Kassebaum, took a unique approach to this riddle – by looking at the history.

19 Jul 2018

Create a Word Cloud with MATLAB and the Text Analytics Toolbox

Create your own Word Cloud with MATLAB and the Text Analytics Toolbox

03 Jul 2018

Developing Software Defined Radios with MathWorks and Opti-Num Solutions

MathWorks encourages a one platform approach known as Model-Based Design for the development of an SDR. MathWorks tools and Opti-Num Solutions training and consulting provide the capability to design end-to-end SDR solutions.

Learn how BAE Systems achieved an 80% reduction in SDR development time with MathWorks tools.