The art of centralising information in data-oriented environments

Getting everyone in the company on the same page is difficult but now possible through the centralisation of information. The centralisation of information is the integration and consolidation of an organisation’s data, particularly that related to planning and business decisions, by exposing insight through dashboarding tools to end-users. Centralisation can be realised by leveraging a data management framework to automate the storage, collection, and processing of data.

Centralising information eliminates discrepancies and allows informed decisions. It empowers decision makers to make data-driven decisions thus enabling organisations to tell compelling data stories. In addition, it increases efficiency, allows for easy access to data and creates a data literate organisation.

A centralised information platform is one of the many approaches adopted by businesses wishing to embed a data culture within their organisation in the efforts to being, at its core, data driven. A recent example of this, is a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboard that the Opti-Num’s Advanced Business Analytics team developed for a property client. The client was interested in identifying loss-making and inefficient asset cost structures and wanted an asset assessment tool that would be able to evaluate, and cross compare the assets in their portfolio. Opti-Num’s team created an automated data collection and processing pipeline by leveraging the Opti-Num Data Management Framework, capitalising MATLAB’s analysis and PowerBI’s visualisations capabilities.  Through this solution, the designated users were able to derive insight that would usually take hours, even days, in a matter of minutes.

Organisations have been drawing from data to inform their business decisions, maintain operations and drive efficiencies for some time now, so what has changed? We now see a ceaseless expansion and inflow of data! Future success is increasingly dependent on the effective gathering, management and analysis of data. An appeal for a centralized information platform is the first step to realising the need to use data optimally and through Opti-Num we are able take these steps in your data journey.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one most adaptable to change.” –  Charles Darwin

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