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Teaching and Learning

22 Aug 2018

Dot Product, A Riddle

Earlier this month we received an interesting technical query about the dot() function in MATLAB. Our peer from MathWorks, Paul Kassebaum, took a unique approach to this riddle – by looking at the history.

20 Dec 2017

Happy Holidays from Opti-Num Solutions!

To welcome the festive season, Application Engineer Praneet Kala created this Christmas Tree GIF using MATLAB. Find out how you can create your own.

07 Nov 2017

MATLAB Graphics, Plotting and Visualisation

Gideon du Rand is an Econometrics lecturer at Stellenbosch University, Gideon lectures Mathematical Economics, Advanced Econometrics, Micro and Macroeconomics. Find out how he uses MATLAB for teaching concepts in a visual and interactive way.