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Model-Based Design

08 Nov 2018

Dynamic System Modelling in MATLAB

How do you write code for a dynamic process making sure that all states are accurately retained for future time steps? Keeping track of states in a dynamic process is complicated as the outputs are determined by past states and the current input. This means that the code must keep track of past values and […]

22 Oct 2018

Radio Deployment on SoC Platforms

This 10-minute webinar uses MathWorks tools to showcase a method for a common design environment that allows engineers from different disciplines to collaborate effectively to streamline the design process. The common framework offered by Model-Based Design is an efficient design process that enables faster development and testing to bring products to market sooner.

03 Jul 2018

Developing Software Defined Radios with MathWorks and Opti-Num Solutions

MathWorks encourages a one platform approach known as Model-Based Design for the development of an SDR. MathWorks tools and Opti-Num Solutions training and consulting provide the capability to design end-to-end SDR solutions.

Learn how BAE Systems achieved an 80% reduction in SDR development time with MathWorks tools.

30 Jan 2018

Physical Modeling of Multi Domain Systems with Simscape

Physical Modeling of Multi Domain Systems with Simscape allows engineering systems to be designed, tested and implemented faster and more effectively than before. Systems have more components, increasing their complexity, for one remain competitive in this industry, design and integration needs to move from lab and field onto the desktop as efficiently as possible. In this webinar, we discuss the key features of the various physical domains and how this single environment can be used for modeling and simulation of multidomain physical systems.

13 Dec 2017

End-to-End Antenna Design with MATLAB and Simulink

In this webinar Application Engineer Louise Forbes shows us how MathWorks tools can provide a one platform approach to antenna system design enabling faster prototyping and better integration between components.

21 Nov 2017

Test and Measurement in MATLAB and Simulink – Part 3

In the third and final installment of the series, Praneet will discuss 6 key toolboxes that can be used for Automating Tests and Building Test Applications:

MATLAB Compiler
MATLAB Production Server
OPC Toolbox
Spreadsheet Link for Microsoft Excel

13 Nov 2017

Test and Measurement in MATLAB and Simulink – Part 2

Part 2 of 3 – Praneet will discuss 5 toolboxes that can be used for analysing your tests data:

• Curve Fitting Toolbox
• Signal Processing Toolbox
• DSP System Toolbox
• Image Processing Toolbox
• Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox

03 Nov 2017

Test and Measurement in MATLAB and Simulink – Part 1

The MATLAB and Simulink environment for analysis provides the tools you need to acquire data and automate tasks.
In this three part series, you will learn more about Test and Measurement Solutions.

31 Oct 2017

Signal Processing with MATLAB

Winner of our Vac Work Student competition, Jacques du Plessis shows you some ways in which you can use MATLAB to process signals using the Signal Processing Toolbox. You’ll find it’s easier than you think.