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Data Analytics

22 Aug 2018

Dot Product, A Riddle

Earlier this month we received an interesting technical query about the dot() function in MATLAB. Our peer from MathWorks, Paul Kassebaum, took a unique approach to this riddle – by looking at the history.

19 Jul 2018

Create a Word Cloud with MATLAB and the Text Analytics Toolbox

Create your own Word Cloud with MATLAB and the Text Analytics Toolbox

19 Oct 2017

Deep Learning Made Easy – Visualising Activations of a Convolutional Neural Network

Find out how you can look under the hood of a Convolutional Neural Network and find out what is happening in the different layers so that you can gain insight into how we perform classification or find features using a neural net. Using MATLAB, it becomes simple to take apart a network and visualise the steps taken in each layer.

19 Oct 2017

Predictive Maintenance with MATLAB

One of our 2017 Vac Work Students Nadine Dempers talks about Predictive Maintenance with MATLAB. If you work with equipment that experiences failures or needs to be maintained on a regular basis, learning more about predictive maintenance could only be to your advantage.

19 Oct 2017

Data Analytics in MATLAB

With MATLAB, you can perform analysis and gain insight into your data in a fraction of the time required with spreadsheets or traditional programming languages.

18 Oct 2017

Programming Functions with Multiple Outputs

Opti-Num Consultant, Richard Fisher, shares this nugget of wisdom that makes it easier to program functions with varying numbers inputs and outputs without having to specify them.