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Physical Modeling of Multi Domain Systems with Simscape

Physical Modeling of Multi Domain Systems with Simscape

Physical Modeling of Multi Domain Systems allows engineering systems to be designed, tested and implemented faster and more effectively than before. Systems have more components, increasing their complexity, for one remain competitive in this industry, design and integration needs to move from lab and field onto the desktop as efficiently as possible.

Physical modeling and simulation is a way of modeling and simulating systems that consist of real physical components. It employs a physical network approach. Simscape™ enables you to rapidly create and simulate models of physical systems within the Simulink environment. This approach lets you describe the physical structure of a system, rather than the underlying mathematics. Physical component models are built based on physical connections that directly integrate with block diagrams. Refrigeration systems, electric motors, bridge rectifiers, and hydraulic actuators can all be modeled by assembling fundamental components into your schematic and you have the flexibility of combining your complex components from one domain to another.

Using an object-orientated programming approach allows you to:

  • have access to the code provided from existing blocks and modify it to include the effects you need for your designs and
  • create custom components using the MATLAB based Simscape language.

Additional models for applications such as mechatronic systems, electrical power networks, and heating and cooling systems can be found in the Simscape add-on products, providing extra analysis capabilities.

C-code can be easily generated from your Simscape models for testing embedded software which is perfect for Processing-in-the-loop (PIL) and Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing. It is more efficient and much safer than testing hardware prototypes.

State machines in Stateflow, MATLAB® functions and Simulink® models can directly integrate with Simscape models. You can also test system-level performance and develop and design control systems with the Simscape toolbox for your physical models.

In this webinar, we discuss the key features of the various physical domains and how this single environment can be used for modeling and simulation of multidomain physical systems.

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