MATLAB Graphics, Plotting and Visualisation

Gideon Du Rand is an Econometrics lecturer at Stellenbosch University, he lectures Mathematical Economics, Advanced Econometrics, Micro and Macroeconomics and uses MATLAB Graphics, Plotting and Visualisation to teach in a visual and interactive way.

The two scripts described below are examples of this hands-on teaching and learning method, whether it was to teach himself a new a skill or to describe a concept to his students.



“I wrote this as an exercise to teach myself how to intuitively map from spherical to Euclidean coordinates. Extended to a “section cut” showing the angles/functions I used in this toy construction might be a nice teaching tool for this purpose.”

Download the code.



“I created this as an exercise in higher dimensional visualisation. The script constructs an example of a projection into R^3 of the 4-dimensional object that is a tri-variate density function. Supplied with data, the script approximates the empirical density of the tri-variate data assuming a symmetric-in-[p-norm-distance]-from-mean density, represented by a number of “shells”.”

Download the code.

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