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Dynamic System Modelling in MATLAB

How do you write code for a dynamic process making sure that all states are accurately retained for future time steps?

Keeping track of states in a dynamic process is complicated as the outputs are determined by past states and the current input. This means that the code must keep track of past values and take these into account at the next time step.

And, how do you keep track of dynamic states when doing frame-based processing?

For frame-based processing we need code that keeps track of states as well as the frame size and computes outputs correctly.

MATLAB System Objects are a base MATLAB component that can be used to monitor and keep track of states in a dynamic system and are for processing large data streams. Many additional toolboxes have built in System Objects, such as DSP System Toolbox, Communications Toolbox and Computer Vision System Toolbox.

In this short webinar I will give you a ramp up in System Objects and showcase:

  • An overview of dynamic systems
  • A simple sin wave, frame-based processing example showing the importance of state preservation using two approaches:
    • A simple MATLAB implementation
    • A MATLAB System Object implementation
  • An overview of System Objects
  • How to create your own MATLAB System Object without any additional toolboxes
  • The potential future benefits of System Objects including incorporating them into Simulink model

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