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Industry 4.0 – Internet of Things and ThingSpeak

Industry 4.0 – Internet of Things and ThingSpeak


Internet of Things or “IoT” is becoming a popular buzz word these days. It is an emerging trend that describes a situation with embedded devices and sensors all connected to edge nodes, to upload sensed data to cloud storage resources. Data can be used in some sort of software, for example a platform like MATLAB® and Simulink®, to prototype algorithms to use that data, that can eventually be run on both cloud computation resources and the edge nodes.

The real value in IoT is in the analytics.  When we analyse the data from our connected things, we can gain insight and act. MATLAB and Simulink products offer support for collecting your IoT data and analysing it in the cloud. One option for storing your data as you prototype your IoT system is the ThingSpeak™ IoT analytic platform, which collects data from your connected things. It’s a website for people and a web service for embedded devices. The website allows users to collect, analyse and act on data sent from connected sensors. The web service is available 24/7 to receive data from smart devices that are connected to the internet. The ThingSpeak web service provides a RESTful API and an MQTT broker for posting or publishing your data.

In this webinar, Praneet Kala discusses the open Internet of Things platform with MATLAB analytics, ThingSpeak.

Topics of discussion include:

  • Why MathWorks tools
  • Overview of the IoT workflow
  • Smart Watering System live demo (Learn how to create your own)
  • ThingSpeak channels and apps (Collect Data)
  • Visualisations and TimeControl features (Analyse Data)
  • Simulink model (Graphical Modelling)
  • Live demo with Low-Cost Hardware – Arduino (Embedded Systems)
  • Twitter updates and reacts (Act on Data)


What Can I Do Next?

  • Learn how to create your own Arduino Smart Watering System. Download the code here.
  • Request a trial.
  • Find out more from the team.
  • Visit our Industry 4.0 Competency Page to learn more.

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