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End-to-End Antenna Design with MATLAB and Simulink

Designing end-to-end antenna systems can be challenging in multi-disciplinary teams. RF engineers need to engage with Antenna Designers and Systems Engineers need to look at the big picture. These engineers often use many different software packages for the design and development with the pieces being brought together at the end. This can lead to bugs being found late in development cycle which are often very costly.

In this webinar we show how MathWorks tools can provide a one platform approach to antenna system design enabling faster prototyping and better integration between teams.

Systems engineers can rapid perform iterations on system design using the Phased Array System Toolbox which can model end-to end sensor array systems. Phased Array System Toolbox can be used to model radar, wireless communication and sonar systems. This toolbox has functions and blocks for modelling: waveforms, transmitters, receivers, signal processing algorithms, and environmental targets.

The RF Engineers can use the RF Toolbox and RF Blockset to increase the fidelity of the models by looking at the cascaded effect of all the components of the RF front end. The ability to work independently on components and then incorporate their final design into the larger model enables faster system design and testing.

Antenna Engineers can use the Methods of Moments solver in the Antenna Toolbox to design various antenna and array geometries and analyse the port, surface and field properties of the antenna to ensure that the design meets all the criteria. Antenna designs can then be used in the larger model to increase model fidelity and create virtual prototypes of the entire sensor array system.

All the toolboxes shown in this webinar are part of MATLAB, a software package that many engineers and comfortable using, this means that the learning curve for these advanced tools is shortened and junior engineers can easily pick up the tools and start modelling. The toolboxes showcased in this webinar are:

  • Phased Array System Toolbox
  • Antenna Toolbox
  • RF Toolbox
  • RF Blockset

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