AI in Industry 4.0: How do I access my data?

What do smart homes, self-driving cars, intelligent factory condition monitoring and fault diagnosis have in common?

  1. They all need data
  2. This data often exists in several different formats
  3. The data changes with time

The first step in any Machine Learning workflow involves accessing the data you want to work with. If you have worked with a lot of data, then you probably have a good idea of the tedious tasks that come with dealing with various data formats and quantities. The reality is, “organised tabular data” does not exist! As a result, you will find yourself having to develop skills for addressing the common challenges that come with importing and processing each data type in your workflow.

With MATLAB you can access data from multiple sources: files, databases, sensors, the cloud, other software or even the web!

Here’s an example of how the Import Tool can be used to help you import data from a text file by selecting data interactively using the Import Tool. Automate this operation using the “generate code’ feature of the import tool to simplify importing new data sets.

What Can I Do Next?

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