AI in Industry 4.0: Getting started with Machine Learning

Machine learning has made its mark! From medical diagnostic tools, speech recognition (think Siri and Alexa) to movie recommendations and predictive maintenance; machine learning techniques are being used to make critical business and life decisions.


We know that getting started with machine learning (or even knowing where to start) is an overwhelming task. By using interactive apps to perform common statistics and machine learning tasks, MATLAB can help you get ramped up quickly, so you can speed up your data science journey.

The Classification and Regression Learner Apps let you train models for classification and regression respectively. Using the Apps, you can perform common machine learning tasks such as:

  • Exploring your data interactively
  • Selecting features
  • Specifying validation schemes
  • Training models
  • Assessing results












Choose from many popular classification and regressions models including decision and regression trees, support vector machines (SVM), and ensemble models, all of which are fully documented in the MATLAB help. The learner apps help you choose the best model for your data by allowing you to assess and compare all models. Once you have selected the best model for your data, you can export your models to the MATLAB workspace so you can perform predictions on new data. Or, you can generate a function directly from the app to automate analysis on new data.

Build a machine learning algorithm that performs  Human Activity Classification Based On Smartphone Sensor Signals using MATLAB!

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