Technical Consultant – Control Specialist


Provide deep domain expertise in support of project implementation and technical customer engagement activities. Define, oversee and execute strategies related to specialist area.

Key Accountabilities

  • Existing project: Work closely with a leading South African mining company to:
    • Support the monitoring and improvement of Advanced Process Control across various operations
    • Develop and facilitate training to upskill Metallurgists on Advanced Process Control topics
  • Future projects: Lead, implement and review projects. Ensure optimal design and implementation approaches are applied. Projects may require coding, modelling and close customer engagement in strategic and/or operational capacity.
  • Business development: Perform (and support others in) the Solutions Architect role. Craft creative, effective solutions which involve deep technical expertise. Communicate complex solutions in a compelling and accessible manner. Engage constructively with clients and staff to identify, explore, prove and win opportunities.
  • Skills Development: Teach and mentor staff in your area of specialisation. Perform this through formal and informal training sessions as well as pro-active reviews. Drive best practice development and supporting resources.
  • Business Insights: Guide business from your area of specialisation; find opportunities, advise sales approach using your specialist knowledge. Keep company up to date with current trends in your specialised area.
  • Thought Leadership: Demonstrate and grow thought leadership in your area of specialisation. Leverage this to portray your – and the company’s – capabilities to prospective customers.

Education & experience

  • Minimum master’s degree (or equivalent) in chemical-, metallurgical-, or process engineering (control-related thesis is advantageous)
  • 2 years’ work experience in the mining or manufacturing industry beneficial
  • Practical experience with any of the following is beneficial: various control techniques (PID -, model predictive -, fuzzy logic control etc.), condition monitoring, close interaction with operations.

Soft Skills

  • A Hunger for learning (don’t need to be a control specialist yet!)
  • Communication
  • Accountability
  • Time Management
  • Ownership
  • Complex Problem Solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • Creativity
  • People Management
  • Coordinating with others
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Judgement and Decision Making
  • Service Orientation
  • Negotiation
  • Cognitive Flexibility


You are required to travel to and from clients’ offices for meetings and on-site work for both short- and long-term projects (however you will be primarily based at our offices in Johannesburg or your home – as agreed with your line manager given the impact of COVID19). Long distance travel to local or international locations may be required periodically.

Apply for this Position

  • To apply for this position, complete our online application form. You will need your CV and/or other supporting documentation in PDF or DOCX format. Please reference SCSE in your application. Please reference SP_SMM in your application.