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Smart Mining & Manufacturing

Using historical data to improve future operations

Data has become the world’s most valuable resource. This presents both opportunities and challenges for the modern mining and manufacturing industries. Copious amounts of data are archived in process and manufacturing plants, mostly for compliance and regulatory purposes, but could be leveraged by companies for more strategic uses. For example, some customers are analysing the data to understand and model plant behaviour with the goal of further optimising their plant operation.

The purpose of our Smart Mining & Manufacturing Focus Area is to create value for our customers across their supply chain. Using our experience, we apply advanced technologies to readily available data, resulting in tangible operations improvement. We have collaborated with South African mining and manufacturing companies for many years enabling them to unlock further competitive advantage.

While every customer and project is different, we have an established approach to our projects. We work with our customer to understand the problem at hand, identify various solutions that would address the problem, and decide on the best approach based on the information we have available. The end result is a practical solution that provides insight and business-value, while also easily adopted by the customer.

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