Real-Time Simulation and Testing: Four Part Series

Learn about Real-Time Simulation and Testing with this short four-part video series created by our Vacation Work students Andrew and James. Here we will explore Real-Time Simulations, Rapid Control Prototyping, Hardware-in-the-Loop and Speedgoat Real-Time Target machines.

Real-Time Simulation: Part One

Real-time simulation and testing are used in two ways, differing whether you are testing the control algorithm or verifying the plant that was modelled. Real time is used to mitigate the need for physical prototyping of controllers and to simulate virtual plant environments.

Rapid Control Prototyping: Part Two

Real-time target machines can act as controllers to provide the quickest path from MATLAB & Simulink desktop simulation to real-time testing with hardware. Develop a control algorithm with software and connect it to a physical device for control prototyping, allowing you to quickly test and iterate control strategies.

Hardware-in-the-Loop: Part Three

Real-time target machines act as a physical prototype of your system. In this way, you test the virtual plant for safety and performance, and test operation and failure conditions that are difficult to replicate, when physical test benches are not available.

Speedgoat for RCP and HIL: Part Four

Speedgoat provides target machines that are capable of real-time simulations for Rapid Control Prototyping and Hardware-in-the-Loop testing. One Speedgoat machine can act as both a virtual plant or virtual controller and are designed with a Simulink and Simulink real-time integration.

“With the combination of Simulink Real-Time and the Mobile real-time target machine from Speedgoat we were able to simulate new control algorithms in the lab and then quickly deploy them on the real hardware with very little effort.”

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~Aldo Zgraggen, member of the Airborne Wind Energy team at ETH Zurich

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