Learning Paths represent a collection of courses designed to provide you with a specific capability. Explore our Learning Paths to find courses suitable to your requirements. In order to acquire fluency in a particular capability, you must attend all of the Pre-requisite and Core courses; Supplementary courses are designed to round out your skills to further cement your desired capability.

Courses are offered to the public in major cities, or can be presented at your offices (individually or to groups of up to 10 people).

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A Senior Engineer from the telecommunications industry had this to say:

“Attending Opti-Num’s training programmes over the 15 years I have been using MathWorks products professionally has significantly contributed to my effectiveness using the tools. My primary interest has been in model-based firmware generation using Simulink HDL Coder, of which I have experienced the development of since its early releases. During this time courses presenting the available features and capabilities of the tool were invaluable to make effective use thereof, and attending “refresher” courses combined with my own accumulated design experience solidified “best-practice” approaches for current and future work.” – Kevin Williams, Senior Engineer in the telecommunications industry