Part 3: How to Estimate Remaining Useful life with MATLAB

The purpose of Predictive Maintenance is to estimate the Remaining Useful Life (RUL) of your equipmentRUL is the length of time your equipment is likely to operate before it requires repair or replacement. Engineers can take RUL into account when scheduling maintenance, and thereby optimising operating efficiency, and avoiding unplanned downtime. For this reason, estimating RUL is a top priority in predictive maintenance programs. 

Developing a model for RUL estimation is often the next step after identifying promising condition indicatorsThe RUL estimation is based on the time evolution or statistical properties of the condition indicatorsDepending on the type of data available: 

  1. Lifetime data indicating how long it took for similar equipment to reach failure 
  2. Run-to-failure data of similar equipment 
  3. Absence of failure data where there is knowledge of a safety threshold 

The method for estimating the RUL can change. In this third eBook of the series we discuss Three Ways to Estimate RUL from each type of data. 

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