MATLAB and Simulink for Students

MATLAB and Simulink are used around the world in industries ranging from Aerospace and Defence to Finance. Because of this, learning MATLAB or Simulink at university offers a competitive advantage for students wanting to differentiate themselves on the job market once they graduate. For those students wanting to pursue a career in research, MATLAB is a research standard in many disciplines at over 5000 universities around the world. Any programming language should be a means to an end – a tool that can be used for solving both hypothetical and real world problems. MATLAB’s high-level language ensures that MATLAB is easy to learn, even for those students with no prior programming experience. This allows students to focus on the problems presented in lectures and assignments, rather than on the programming itself.

MATLAB’s Campus-Wide License allows students to install the latest version of MATLAB on their personal computers, making it easier and more convenient to practise programming, revise concepts learnt in class, and complete assignments.

Resources for Students: