Intelligent Automation

Immense potential exists for companies to enhance their productivity and efficiency by embracing a combination of human insight, automated processes and Artificial Intelligence. This thinking is referred to as Intelligent Automation and Opti-Num Solutions is well positioned to take our customers to the next level of data-driven digital transformation by leveraging our capabilities in this space.

Areas in which we have expertise delivering solutions to our customers include:

Automated Reporting

Bespoke automated reporting solutions which access and analyse large quantities of complex data from disparate sources. New reports at set intervals enables you to effortlessly stay in touch with key business operations.

Anomaly Detection

Automation of data screening to identify unusual, unexpected or suspicious behaviour – vital for identifying problems before they occur or result in financial or reputational damage or detecting problems that would otherwise go undetected.

Workflow Automation

Automation of  processes, analyses and models to reduce human error, improve scalability, flexibility and robustness and reduce risk due to  key man dependencies.


Bespoke chatbots developed with Natural Language Processing and text analytics that can interpret and answer customer questions in relation to a specific topics or service offerings.

Automated Document Capturing

We develop bespoke tools that use deep learning, OCR and image processing techniques that can perform various tasks such as distinguish between document types and extract text data from various image data formats.