Graduate Program

We are looking for a highly-motivated individual with strong interpersonal skills, to join a team of young, dynamic Graduate Engineers who are passionate about solving technical problems with software.

As a Graduate Engineer, you will be placed in a Graduate Program, which will integrate the work done across the functional consulting roles at Opti-Num (Software Development and Solutions Engineering). This Graduate Program will include a mix of project delivery, technical knowledge development and customer engagement. After six months, you will be placed into one of our technical teams based on your strengths and the company’s need.

You will work directly with technical customers in application areas for statistics and machine learning, neural networks, deployment and distributed computing. These may be applied in different ways to signal and image processing, computer vision, as well as to engineering, finance and retail industries.


  • Using MathWorks Tools and other software products for data analysis, visualisation, algorithm and interface development, modelling and application deployment.
  • Promoting the use of MathWorks’ tools across multiple industries within Southern Africa, with a focus on data analytics.
  • Work with customers and the internal team to explore, understand, analyse, define and solve the customer’s problems in a variety of industries, including but not limited to Education, Aerospace and Defence, Process, Manufacturing and Automation, Financial Services and Telecommunications.
  • Work with customers and the internal team to prove capability of the tools to demonstrate how a problem could be solved (this may include guided evaluations and proof-of-concept work).
  • Work with customers and the internal team to build strategies to ensure customer success at certain key accounts. This includes supporting awareness and adoption activities with customers, to underline the value of our tools and services post-purchase.
  • Delivering product and application training to our customers.
  • Developing seminars and workshops and presenting these at public and on-site events.
  • Creating demonstrations and proof-of-concept deliverables for customers and prospects.
  • Providing on-site assistance to customers with their MATLAB-based project ramp-up, implementation and delivery.
  • Providing first-level technical support to Opti-Num Solutions’ customers. This involves identifying installation, tool usage, coding, analysis, modelling and application creation issues and providing advice on the most effective methods to solve these, and other, problems.
  • Assisting in the preparation of newsletters and invitations to events for use in marketing activities within the company.
  • Developing applications, models, and approaches to solve technical problems for our customers and our own applications. Such development may involve other Company employees, or you may be independently responsible for such tasks.
  • Accessing and analysing a wide variety of data using novel processing and visualisation techniques which you conceive and justify based on data science and statistics, extracting relevant insights from the data using these techniques and communicating these insights effectively to a wide audience which would include technical and business focused individuals.

About the Role Requirements:

Part of your role will be to listen, absorb and appreciate what the key pains or critical business issues are when you talk to clients. Thorough technical know-how and strong presentation and people skills are essential for success in this role, as well as:

  • The ability to think creatively and solve new problems with limited resources
  • The ability to see the “big picture” and translate it into practical actions by diving into the technical work to achieve the client’s goals.
  • Strong communication skills and the confidence and ability to present effectively across different levels of seniority.
  • The ability to see and communicate issues from different perspectives is vital

The position may require travel to local or international locations. You may also be located on-site at our clients for both short- and long-term projects, however you will be primarily based at our offices in Johannesburg.

Essential Skills and Qualifications:

  • Minimum bachelor’s degree in engineering or science (BEng, BSc). Typical intake includes electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, mechatronic engineering, computational and applied mathematics, financial engineering or financial mathematics, chemical engineering. All accepted degrees must include formal education in mathematics, at least up until 3rd year level.
  • Strong written and spoken English
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Strong time management skills

Advantageous Skills and Qualifications:

  • Experience with MATLAB
  • Experience with Simulink
  • Knowledge of machine learning or deep learning techniques
  • Knowledge of signal processing
  • Experience with training, teaching or tutoring

Apply for this Position

To apply for this position, complete our online application form. You will need your CV and/or other supporting documentation in PDF or DOCX format.

Applications close on the 8 September 2020