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Financial Engineering Solutions

Powering evidencebased investment and risk management decisions  

Since 2003 Opti-Num Solutions have empowered numerous South African financial institutions to successfully implement data-driven models which drive their key decision-making processes.

Increasing competition, consumer service expectations, and an increasing fraud threat requires businesses to make use of innovative methods to inform their decisions on how to operate profitably and maintain their competitive edge. Quantitative models, which provide insight into addressing questions such as ‘Which securities should companies invest in?’ or ‘Who should companies provide credit to?’, are now being supplemented by insights obtained from machine learning models.

Opti-Num’s’ Financial Data Science team enables our customers to achieve increased operational efficiencies and robust model risk management practices. We deliver immediate value by addressing real business and risk-based challenges, leveraging practical data analytics and algorithm development techniques. We enhance existing client models through our experience with practical data management and applying model development best practices.

Our success is rooted in walking the journey with our customers and actively listening to their needs. We maximise the impact of the solutions we deliver by integrating our practical problem-solving approach with our customer’s domain expertise. Our long and ongoing relationships with key customers are testament to the value we continue to deliver.