Jun 13 2019

Verify Wireless Signal Designs with RF Test Equipment

When designing wireless systems, at some point in your design cycle, you need to verify the characteristics of your signal using real hardware and RF test equipment.  This design verification task can be a challenge.  In this webinar, we will demonstrate how MATLAB and the Wireless Waveform Generator app can help you design and verify 5G and WLAN signals.  We’ll generate standards-compliant signals in MATLAB, send them out over the air using an RF signal analyser, acquire the signals from an RF signal generator, and analyse the quality of the transmitted signals by calculating EVM (Error Vector Magnitude) and viewing constellation diagrams.

Through discussion and product demonstrations, you will see how you can use the wireless design and instrument control products to:

  • Generate a variety of WLAN and 5G signals
  • Introduce impairments to the signals
  • Transmit the signals over-the air using RF Signal generators from Keysight, R&S and other vendors
  • Acquire IQ data from RF signal analysers
  • Calculate the EVM of an 802.11ax signal
  • Plot the constellation diagram of a 256-QAM signal

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