Jun 19 2019

Simscape to HDL: HIL for Power Electronics Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing for Power Electronics

Learn how to deploy electrical circuit models to FPGA based real-time systems for Hardware-in-the-Loop simulation.  This webinar will use an example of a solar inverter model that is converted into HDL code and both embedded code generation to a TI C2000 implemented on Speedgoat real-time target hardware.

The webinar will include

  • Best practices for building Simscape models that will need to run on an FPGA,
  • Details such as how to partition one part of a plant model onto an FPGA and the other part onto a processor.
  • Moving from desktop simulation to real-time simulation to perform HIL simulation on FPGAs for power electronics


  • Generating floating-point HDL code using HDL Coder
  • Converting Simscape moels to HDL code
  • Deploying HDL code to a Speedgoat real-time target machine

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