Jul 31 2019

Model, simulate and test 5G NR PHY in MATLAB

In this webinar, you learn about modeling, simulation and testing of 5G wireless communication systems in MATLAB. You will gain insight into the behavior and performance of 5G radio access technologies as defined by the Release 15 3GPP NR standard. Through end-to-end link-level simulation, you develop system performance metrics. By examining open editable MATLAB algorithms for complete uplink and downlink processing, you obtain golden reference for downstream implementation tasks.

Topics covered include

  • 5G waveforms, frame structure and numerologies
  • Transport channels and physical channels and signals
  • Uplink and downlink data and control information processing
  • Control Resource Sets (CORESETS)
  • Demodulation reference signals (DMRS) and synchronisation signal blocks
  • Initial acquisition procedures: Cell search and RAC

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