Jan 31 2019

Mechatronic Simulation with Simscape Electrical

Explore how to design mechatronic systems with Simscape Electrical. An electromechanical actuator is used to show some of the modeling, simulation, and deployment capabilities of Simscape Electrical™. Electrical networks are defined within the Simulink® environment using Simscape™ physical connections. The electrical network is integrated with realistic loads modeled as 3D mechanical systems in Simscape Multibody™. Simulation tasks such as optimising the design, tuning parameters, and hardware-in-the-loop testing are also shown.


With Simscape Electrical you can:

  • Model mechatronic systems with components such as motors, semiconductors, op-amps, and sensors
  • Configure component models to have the right amount of detail for your simulation task
  • Create custom components with Simscape language
  • Automatically tune parameters of components to meet system requirements
  • Run simulations in real-time for HIL testing

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