November 15 2018

Integrating Computational Thinking into Your Curriculum

This presentation talks about computational thinking and its increasing importance as an educational megatrend, influencing many disciplines that have not traditionally been computation intensive.

The webinar will review strategies, examples, and use cases for integrating computational tools, such as MATLAB, into the curriculum. Effective integration of computational thinking builds competency in students, enhances their domain-specific understanding, and addresses key educational challenges, including student motivation and preparedness related to programming. We will also guide you through online resources to help you find, select, and use them when designing your science-related curricula for courses in geoscience, physics, biology, and allied fields.


  • Code-based narratives to tell a story and show results
  • Broad access to MATLAB through campus licenses and via a web browser
  • Online courses to get hands on MATLAB training
  • Automatic Grading of MATLAB homework
  • “Teaching with MATLAB” pages highlighting course material created by educators in different disciplines

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