Nov 21 2019

Comprehensive Workflow for AUTOSAR Classic and Adaptive Using Model-Based Design

Model-Based Design affords many advantages over traditional development by offering high-level design abstractions and automatic generation of production code. Modeling and code generation for AUTOSAR software components lets you automate the process of specifying and synchronising lengthy identifiers in designs, code, and description files.

Join us to learn about Simulink Advance Support for AUTOSAR features modeling AUTOSAR Classic and Adaptive Software Components, Simulating AUTOSAR compositions and ECUs, and C and C++ production code generation.

A MathWorks engineer will provide a brief overview of the latest AUTOSAR standards including Classic and Adaptive Platforms, provide product demonstrations showing how you can use Simulink, AUTOSAR Blockset and Embedded Coder to design, simulate, verify, and generate code for AUTOSAR application software components.


  • Automatic modeling of AUTOSAR software components
  • Scaling from software components to compositions
  • Importing and exporting AUTOSAR descriptions artifacts (ARXML files)
  • Simulation of AUTOSAR ECU software using NVRAM Manager and Diagnostics Event Manager services callers and reference implementation blocks
  • Production C and C++ code generation and verification of AUTOSAR Software Components
  • ISO 26262 qualification and MISRA C compliance for AUTOSAR code

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