Aug 28 2019

Collaborative Software Development with New Polyspace Products

Polyspace finds software bugs in embedded code, proves absence of critical run-time errors, and checks coding standards such as MISRA, AUTOSAR C++14, and others. Polyspace products integrate with your software development processes such as continuous integration and your software development tools such as Jenkins and JIRA.

In this webinar we cover the new Polyspace Access products that enable software development teams to collaborate in reviewing and triaging Polyspace analysis results. These results are stored in a centralized databased and presented in a web-browser based UI.  Learn how Polyspace Access products can help your teams to improve software quality and adhere to safety standards.

In this role-based webinar we will discuss how:

  • Developers, managers, and quality engineers can triage, assign, and resolve static code analysis findings
  • Managers and team leads can use the Polyspace web-browser dashboards to monitor project quality and drill down to investigate problems

Quality and development leads can track the progress of projects against standards such as MISRA, AUTOSAR C++14, CERT-C, and others.


  • Explore the new capabilities of Polyspace
  • Learn how different team members can use Polyspace Access products to collaborate
  • Learn how Polyspace Access products facilitates software development workflows

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