Sep 19 2019

Cleaning and analyzing real-world sensor data with MATLAB

Sensor data provides valuable insight into how products and systems perform in the real-world.  However, this data often contains artifacts that make it challenging to analyse, such as missing data, outliers, noisy data, and non-uniform sampling rates.  These challenges can be compounded by a large amount of data from multiple data loggers, tests, systems, etc.

Watch this webinar to learn about new MATLAB features for working with sensor data, including:

  • MATLAB datatypes for working with time series sensor data
  • Working with large collections of telemetry data (big data)
  • Detecting and handling outliers, using preprocessing functions and Live Tasks
  • Smoothing and filtering noisy data, including spectral analysis with the Signal Analyzer app
  • Documenting analyses with the MATLAB Live Editor

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