Jul 3 2019

Automated Data Cleaning and Preparation in MATLAB

Many Financial Analysts spend more than 50% of their time on data pre-processing instead of focusing on the actual modelling. Challenges are, for example, missing data, large data or varying data sources. Increase your productivity by using a library of ready-made functions for the data handling, automating tedious manual steps and leveraging an easy-to-use framework for big data.

In this webinar, you will see why MATLAB® is the right tool to tackle these challenges. Concrete examples will demonstrate how to automate data preparation as well as data cleaning and give you inspiration for new approaches. Moreover, you will get useful tips and tricks to efficiently work with large data sets. All MATLAB code will be made available to you afterwards.

Watch this webinar and get more efficient in your data management. Use your time for real innovations!


  • Tips & tricks for data management
  • Pre-processing large datasets
  • Data cleaning by machine learning
  • Working with text data

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