December 19 2017

Arduino and beyond: Embedding MATLAB and Simulink algorithms on hardware

An increasing number of engineers and scientists are using Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and other inexpensive hardware for testing ideas and prototyping algorithms. Although these hardware boards may not have all the features and power of more traditional commercial hardware, they are good enough for many prototyping tasks, and their low cost and vibrant user communities make them easy to buy and get started with.

In this session, we will show how MATLAB and Simulink can be used to quickly develop and iterate on algorithms in areas such as signal processing, controls, and image processing, and run them standalone on these hardware boards.  We will use a motor control example to highlight how you can:

  • Run your MATLAB and Simulink algorithms standalone on your Arduino with the click of a button
  • Refine and enhance your algorithms to take advantage of additional capabilities of production hardware
  • Automatically generate targeted C code for a variety of hardware

This presentation will be relevant to both R&D engineers involved with developing and prototyping algorithms and software engineers writing optimised code for specific hardware.

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