Jan 30 2019

5G Toolbox: Model, Simulate, Design, and Test 5G Systems with MATLAB

This webinar introduces 5G Toolbox, a new product for waveform generation, link-level simulation, design verification and testing of 5G systems in MATLAB. 5G Toolbox enables you to explore the behavior and performance of 5G radio access technologies as defined by the Release 15 3GPP NR standard Version 15.2.0.

Using 5G Toolbox, you can simulate the following aspects of 5G technology:

  • 5G waveform generation with NR frame structure and numerology and subcarrier spacing
  • End-to-end link-level simulation including 5G NR PDSCH BLER and throughput simulation.
  • Detailed 5G NR Downlink Physical Channels and Signals including PDSCH, PDCCH, PBCH, PSS, SSS, DM-RS,¬†and DCI
  • Cell search and synchronisation procedures including synchronisation signal (SS) bursts and MIB system information
  • 5G NR LDPC and Polar Coding algorithms and TR 38.901 CDL and TDL Propagation Channels

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