September 28 2017

5G Library for LTE System Toolbox

This webinar introduces the 5G Library for LTE System Toolbox, and how you can use it to model in MATLAB the candidate technologies for new radio 5G systems. The 5G Library is a free downloadable Add-On for LTE System Toolbox.

It builds on the infrastructure of LTE System Toolbox, allowing you to easily construct end to end simulations based on existing LTE models.

    Through examples and case studies you will learn how to simulate the following:

  • 5G channel models as specified in technical report 38.900.
  • New radio waveforms such as filtered OFDM and WOLA OFDM.
  • LDPC and Polar channel coding

5G Library also provides functions and link level reference designs that allow you to explore the behavior and performance of 3GPP new radio technologies.

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