Find out how our consultants worked closely with Klasie Olivier, Product Manager Radar ESM at GEW Business Unit of Hensoldt SA to help speed up development of their R&D project.

“At Alaris we intentionally favour candidates for engineering positions that can claim a solid background in MATLAB. In fact, it is quite likely we would not hire someone who has not been exposed to MATLAB in their training. We particularly want to see applicants that know how to use MATLAB as an engineering design tool, that know how to develop GUIs and toolboxes of their own, and that know how to work with our existing codebase, that is entirely written in MATLAB.” – Dr Chris Vale,  Chief Technical Officer & Head of Engineering,  Alaris Antennas

For complex signal processing algorithmic design on Field-Programmable-Gate-Array (FPGA) it would be almost impossible to design without tools like HDL Coder within the Simulink design environment.” –  Klasie Olivier Product Manager Radar ESM GEW



“Using Instrument Control Toolbox and a MATLAB GUI allows for our test engineers to focus on the accurate and repeatable measurement of the Systems Under Test, and not on the complexity in manually controlling the instruments to generate measured results.” – Johann de Jager, Systems Engineer, CSIR

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“S-Plane Automation uses Model-Based Design with MATLAB and Simulink for its flight control and navigation design,testing and certfication”– Dr Iain Peddle Chief Technical Officer, S-Plane


CSIR Develops an Electronic Warfare Simulation Environment Using MathWorks Tools. SEWES is a proudly South African and globally competitive product that allowed the CSIR to break through international communication barriers.

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Powertech Transformers

“Data evaluation is critical in all projects. Opti-Num did not only address our requirements but also provided alternatives in evaluating large data sets in a sensible intuitive manner. Having a comprehensive view of all the model parameters in our project saved us valuable time and enabled us to focus on the actual project outcome”  – Barend van Jaarsveld Electrical Engineer,  Powertech Transfomers, December 2013.


“Our team develops signal processing algorithms in the communications domain. On a recent project, we needed to enable clients to add plugins to extend our algorithms. The plugin framework had to cater for a client base that varies from novice computer users to experienced programmers. By using Simulink in combination with the Matlab Compiler SDK we were able to develop a robust and user-friendly plugin framework in 3 months with a team of 2 developers. I cannot imagine doing this work in less than a year using any other development environment” – Dirk Oosthuizen, Snr Engineer, Post Processing & Technology, GEW, HENSOLDT