Delivering Value through Partnerships

Our consulting services are not normal! You won’t find any black boxes or cubicle-driven opaque reports from Opti-Num Solutions. Instead, we draw on the open transparency so inherent in MATLAB® to meaningfully engage with our customers to deliver value-adding services in every engagement we take on.

How We Partner

We will partner with you in any way that ensures that you get the most value from our services. Typically this takes the following forms.

  • Application Assistance, where we work closely with one or more people in a team to solve a specific problem they have. You are responsible for the output from this engagement; we make sure that you get to the result effectively, and grow your Intellectual Capital along the way. Typically these engagements are less than 40 hours of contact time. Find out more…
  • Product or Algorithm Development, where we work with your team to deliver a product, algorithm, report or capability that your team does not have at that time. We are responsbile for some or all of the resulting product; you often provide or grow your Intellectual Property in this process.
  • Workflow and Best Practice Assessment, where we bring to your company the expertise of MathWorks staff and partners throughout the world, by way of a process re-engineering or workflow best practice sharing. You grow your Intellectual Property and Intellectual Capital through improved processes (including training of staff), better product development (resulting in cost and/or time savings) and new, best practices incorporated into your organisation.
  • Collaborative Idea Generation, where our consultants work in your offices to deliver insights, new ideas, business support and expertise to your organisation. These engagements involve multi-year collaborations and result in increased bandwidth, expertise and idea generation within your organisation.