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Model-Based Design

Test and Verification

Testing and documentation is a critical part of the development process, however, it is often done last and done incompletely. This results in bugs being found late in the design process during hardware testing or even production. The ability to shift testing earlier in development means that more bugs are found earlier with less cost to fix per bug. Using a Model-Based Design approach and having the model at the centre ensures that testing of algorithms and subsystems is done earlier as the same test cases can be used for model and code testing. Documentation can be automatically generated using MathWorks tools to reduce the time taken to document aspects of testing and performance.

  • Simulink Test is the primary toolbox that can be used for testing of models. It allows for the creation of test cases automatically. Test Manager can group tests and generate a report from test suites.
  • With Simulink Report Generator you can set up your own reports that can generate 100s of pages automatically, enabling easy documentation of models and test harnesses.
  • Model coverage and Code Coverage reports can be generated using Simulink Verification and Validation.
  • HDL Verifier can be used to test HDL Code on your FPGA using FPGA-in-the-Loop.
  • With Embedded Coder you can run your Simulink models on your hardware using Processor-in-the-Loop (PIL) that will generate and deploy code to the target hardware.