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Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a popular, low-cost, credit card sized single-board computer that supports embedded Linux operating systems, such as Raspbian. Raspberry Pi is powered by ARM® Cortex® A processors and provides peripheral connectivity for stereo audio, digital video (1080p), USB, and Ethernet – with optional camera board and sensor board add-ons.

Simulink® Support Package for Raspberry Pi™ lets you develop algorithms that run standalone on your Raspberry Pi. The support package extends Simulink with blocks to drive Raspberry Pi digital I/O and read and write data from them. After creating your Simulink model, you can simulate it and download the completed algorithm for standalone execution on the device. One particularly useful (and unique) capability offered by Simulink is the ability to tune parameters live from your Simulink model while the algorithm runs on the hardware.

The support package includes:

  • Library of Simulink blocks that connect to Raspberry Pi I/O, such as audio input and output, video input and display, UDP send and receive, GPIO read and write, and ThingSpeak write
  • Interactive parameter tuning and signal monitoring of applications running on Raspberry Pi
  • Model deployment for standalone operation
  • Access to audio and video algorithms through add-on products such as DSP System Toolbox™ and Computer Vision System Toolbox™