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Migrating Designs to Embedded Hardware

Once you have designed an image or video processing system in MATLAB or Simulink, you can generate C or C++ code to run your design on a variety of supported hardware for verification, debugging and implementation.

  • Use MATLAB Coder to generate standalone C code from Image Processing Toolbox functions that have been enabled to support code generation
  • Use Simulink Coder to generate C or C++ code from a Simulink block diagram of a video processing system
  • Use Embedded Coder to generate real-time embedded code from your block diagrams and execute it on hardware.

Migrating your image or video processing systems to embedded hardware for real-time applications is made simple with MathWorks toolboxes built to automatically convert your code to C or C++. Our consulting team can assist you with the design of your workflow and with making sure that this final step is robust and error-free.