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MATLAB and Simulink for Research

MATLAB is a renowned and respected research tool in a multitude of disciplines ranging from Economics to Control Theory. Researchers use MATLAB and Simulink for their flexibility as a tool for data analysis and visualisation, image processing, algorithm and system design and much more.

MATLAB’s high-level language and libraries of built-in functions make it easy to test multiple ideas before deciding on a particular approach, making it perfect for research endeavours.  MATLAB and Simulink are perfect for performing simulations to back-test theories or test drive designs.

MATLAB’s Total Academic Headcount (TAH) licensing model allows every student, researcher and faculty member access to the latest version of MATLAB and Simulink, enabling inter-disciplinary collaboration, which is a practice essential for innovation.

Resources for Researchers:

  • Accelerate Your Research: Eight reasons why you should use MATLAB for research
  • GitHub is a source control tool that integrates with MATLAB, enabling collaboration and exposing your research to a wider audience. Browse the trending MATLAB repositories on GitHub.

Connect with the MATLAB community of researchers, students and industry professionals in MATLAB Central.