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Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) describes an emerging trend where a large number of embedded devices (things) are connected to the Internet. These connected devices communicate with people and other Things and often provide sensor data to cloud storage and cloud computing resources where the data is processed and analysed to gain important insights. Cheap cloud computing power and increased device connectivity is enabling this trend.

IoT solutions are built for many vertical applications such as environmental monitoring and control, health monitoring, vehicle fleet monitoring, industrial monitoring and control, and home automation. MATLAB® and Simulink® products support IoT systems by helping you develop and test edge node devices, access and aggregate data, and analyse IoT sensor data.

With the help of the MathWorks’ free Thingspeak platform data can be streamed to a cloud based service which allows the user to run simple MATLAB scripts for data analysis and device control through the Thingspeak applications. These applications range from visualising the incoming data to sending tweets to controlling the device according to certain parameters. Through the Thingspeak platform you will also have access to over 6000 public data channels.