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Financial Services

Integrating with IT Systems

MATLAB is an end-to-end programming environment, designed to support the full development workflow for developing financial applications, from prototype to production. MATLAB is used to design function libraries and applications that can be deployed as standalone applications or software components to be integrated into existing IT systems. South African financial organisations use MATLAB to:

  • Connect to third-party applications, such as databases, data feeds, and trading platforms in an automated fashion
  • Rapidly deploy applications without recoding, reducing the risk of errors
  • Integrate custom mathematical functions and routines into existing front-office software environments
  • Target C, C++, Visual Basic, Excel, .Net and Java-based applications that require custom-built algorithms or mathematical functionality
  • Develop graphical user interfaces (GUIs) as front-ends to MATLAB functions and share these as standalone applications
  • Deploy mathematical and financial functionality to enterprise-scale web-based applications

MATLAB’s versatility ensures that it can be used in both large and small financial organisations. In small organisations, analysts and researchers without a software development background can develop applications for others to use. In large organisations, MATLAB is used in enterprise-scale production environments as it allows for clear division of roles between quants and IT groups in the organisation. Our consultants can help you integrate with third-party systems and deploy your MATLAB models and applications to your target environment.