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Integrating Analytics with Systems

Once an analysis or a model has been prototyped, it must be put to work. MATLAB programmes can be integrated into production IT environments without the need to recode or create custom infrastructure. MATLAB programmes can be packaged as components compatible with a wide range of development environments, such as Java, Microsoft .NET, Excel, Python, C and C++. MATLAB programmes can be shared as standalone applications or run as part of web, database, desktop or enterprise applications. Big data challenges encountered in production environments can be addressed by making use of parallel or distributed computing, or integrating with big data environments like Hadoop.

Tasks involved in integrating MATLAB analytics with other systems include:

The final phase of the data analytics workflow is often the most crucial, as the models prototyped by developers must be put into production IT environments in order to make decisions or create reports on real-time data. MATLAB saves you time by seamlessly integrating with other development environments without the need to recode or write additional code infrastructure. Whether you need to create a desktop application or integrate with an enterprise-scale business application, our experienced consulting team can advise you on the best approach and help you get up and running quickly.