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Data Analytics

Exploration and Visualisation

When first faced with large volumes of data, scientists and engineers use MATLAB to explore the data from different angles and visualise it in various ways to understand important trends, look for patterns, check assumptions and determine the most appropriate statistical test or predictive model for the data at hand. Tasks performed in this stage of the data analytics workflow include:

MATLAB offers a wide variety of built-in two- and three-dimensional plots that can be used to visualise your data. These plots are accessible and user-friendly, making it easy to try out different variations of visualisations before deciding on the best one. The MATLAB plots can be completely customised from within the MATLAB environment to produce bespoke graphs that can be embedded in reports or printed as images on their own. Our consulting team has experience creating customised visualisations for clients from various industries, and can assist you with creating graphs that automatically update with the latest data and get added to automatically-generated reports with each reporting cycle.