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We have helped customers from a wide range of industries to solve a broad spectrum of challenges.

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RMB Scenario Generation Engine

"Opti-Num Solutions not only sell and support a product that has been around for a long time and enjoys a good reputation, their knowledge and support of clients using MATLAB is one of their main strengths." - Vebashini Naidoo,  Rand Merchant Bank


"Opti-Num Solutions assisted Nedbank with automating the process of gathering publically accessible data, preparing that data and translating it into usable Excel spreadsheets which the wider Nedbank Group can utilise."  - Fabian Ntsoane, Group Funding Strategist at Nedbank Group Limited

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Alaris Antennas

"At Alaris we intentionally favour candidates for engineering positions that can claim a solid background in MATLAB. In fact, it is quite likely we would not hire someone who has not been exposed to MATLAB in their training. We particularly want to see applicants that know how to use MATLAB as an engineering design tool, that know how to develop GUIs and toolboxes of their own, and that know how to work with our existing codebase, that is entirely written in MATLAB." Dr Chris Vale,  Chief Technical Officer & Head of Engineering,  Alaris Antennas

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Anglo American Platinum

"The software development expertise of Opti-Num Solutions and the outstanding flexibility of their developers, given ever changing requirements, ensured the successful extension of our OPM toolset.  A staggered code development and deployment approach allowed benefits to be realised well before the end of the project, with clear, comprehensive documentation ensuring swift adoption of the new functionality." - De Villiers Groenewald, Anglo American Platinum


MTN Logo

MTN Uganda

"In 2016 Opti-Num Solutions  provided business intelligence and analytics services to MTN Uganda. The focus of this service was to assist MTN Uganda with driving the business decisions for a significant, complex prepaid price-plan using sound data-driven principles."  - Mapula Bodibe Chief Marketing Officer, MTN Uganda

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"Using Instrument Control Toolbox and a MATLAB GUI allows for our test engineers to focus on the accurate and repeatable measurement of the Systems Under Test, and not on the complexity in manually controlling the instruments to generate measured results." – Johann de Jager, Systems Engineer, CSIR DPSS




"S-Plane Automation uses Model-Based Design with MATLAB and Simulink for its flight control and navigation design,testing and certfication"- Dr Iain Peddle Chief Technical Officer, S-Plane

Powertech Transformers Logo

Powertech Transformers

"Data evaluation is critical in all projects. Opti-Num did not only address our requirements but also provided alternatives in evaluating large data sets in a sensible intuitive manner. Having a comprehensive view of all the model parameters in our project saved us valuable time and enabled us to focus on the actual project outcome"  - Barend van Jaarsveld Electrical Engineer,  Powertech Transfomers, December 2013.


North-West University

Dr Mariette Hitge from North-West University uses MATLAB Onramp to save time grading assignments and to help students learn about MATLAB independently.


Central University of Technology

Mr Rangith Kuriakose, Electrical Engineering lecturer, has partnered with Opti-Num Solutions to build and supplement his Electrical Engineering curriculum to incorporate industry standards while adhering to the standards set by ECSA (Engineering Council of South Africa).



Central University of Technology

Dr Michelle Erasmus is a lecturer in the Department of Mathematics at Central University of Technology. She is re-designing the Engineering Mathematics curriculum with the support of the Total Academic Headcount (TAH) license and Opti-Num Solutions. - " Of all the superpowers in the Maths Department, MATLAB is our favourite."  


MATLAB Grader for North-West University

 Dr Janse van Rensburg  from North-West University created online assignments using MATLAB Grader for her Linear Systems course. The purpose of this was to quickly and efficiently measure whether students understood the theory for designing a passive filter, before moving into the lab to build a physical passive filter. These assignments enabled a more efficient workflow as the lecturer could track her students’ understanding and application of theory.



University of Witwatersrand Logo

University of Witwatersrand

"Prof. Gordon Cooper at the Wits School of Geosciences uses MATLAB as an introduction to computational physics as he believes it is a great platform for getting the fundamental skills across to them with a tool that can deeply support their studies."  - Prof. Gordon Cooper , University of Witwatersrand


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