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Vacation Work

Each year Opti-Num runs an 8-week vacation work programme for 2nd and 3rd year students who enjoy MATLAB and Simulink and who want to gain exposure into how these tools are used in industry.

Here's what they had to say...

"From my experience in 2017, I can say that Opti-Num Solutions is an awesome company with more than just technical skills to offer. Some of my priceless memories were shared there. The company’s team spirit is just amazing, and developing it as a group will prove to be an invaluable tool that will help you reach your optimum at Opti-Num. Moreover, this opportunity will encourage multidisciplinary learning because Opti-Num is not just about engineering, it is in the diversity of fields that makes this company so great." - Barnabas Tinarwo, 3rd Year Computer Engineering, University of Kwa-Zulu Natal

"Working at Opti-Num is a unique experience in that, firstly, you are given training which is very valuable, and secondly, you get to work and manage your own project from start to finish. Unlike large companies, where the work is often so specialised that you don’t know how you contribute, at Opti-Num you determine the success or failure of your project. And the projects assigned are very exciting. There is also direct contact with supervisors which make it easy to learn and ask questions. Plus, you also get to work with cool people. I will always remember my time at Opti-Num by the work we did, the people I met, and the free fruit and coffee!” Jacques Du Plessis, 4th Year Electrical Engineering, Stellenbosch University

"Working at Opti-Num Solutions is the experience of a lifetime, there is honestly nowhere else where one is granted the opportunities being explored during the vacation work period. The tasks provided are demanding, challenging and thought provoking, that was probably the best part about the experience. The learning curve is so steep, yet so achievable. The staff and fellow vac work students create this wonderful atmosphere and have an incredible work ethic with a prominent team effort you wish you had during group projects at varsity. If you thought you couldn't, know that by the time you leave the confines of your comfortable office chair, you will be able to.” Lethabo Tshidi, 3rd Year Aeronautical Engineering, University of Witwatersrand

"The experience prepares you for a lot of aspects in 4th year and teaches very valuable skills like documentation and project management. Last but not least it is a great working environment" Timothy McBride, 4th Year Electrical Engineering, University of Witwatersrand

Vacation Work Program: Partnering with Academia

  • This initiative targets development and interest in Engineering for students who are in their 2nd-3rd years of their undergraduate degree (21 – 23 years old).
  • The University engineering degrees require vacation work as an avenue for exposing student to the working world.
  • Opti-Num accepts 4 -10 candidates every year, and initiates them in a Vacation Work Programme which extends over 8 weeks through the year.
  • The students are given 2 weeks of training in MATLAB and Simulink (CPD accredited), an individual short-term project, as well as a challenging long-term team project.
  • The team projects are usually used as demos by ONS application engineers, and teach the students valuable skills about project management and technical problem solving.

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